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1 June '24
Café Tournee Mechelen Festival,
Kafee Zapoi, Mechelen, BE
27 june '24
Missy Sippy Blues & Roots Club, Gent, BE
6 September '24
Rock Café, Leuven, BE
18 september
Support for Ventus, Cabron, Antwerp, BE

Previous gigs

8 May '24, Finalist at Student kickoff Band Clash, Charlatan, Gent, BE
12 May '24
Imagine Netherlands, Maastricht, NL
Sun 21 April, Finalist at Imagine Belgium 2024, Flagey, Brussels, BE
Wed 20 March, Cul de Sac, Tilburg, NL
Thu 14 March, Cabron, Antwerp, BE
Sun 5 Nov '23, Cafe Gorillaz, Dageraadplaats, Antwerpen, BE
Sat 14 Oct '23 Cafe Lucienne Concerten, Lint, BE
Sat 9 Sept '23 Bikkebik Foodtruck Festival, Tessenderlo, BE
Fri 25 Aug '23 Muziek In De Wijk, Dageraadplaats, Antwerp, BE
Sat 29 Jul '23 Doerak Festival, Mechelen, BE
Sat 17 Jun '23 Zomerbar Woest, Wuustwezel, BE
Sat 20 May '23 De Kapel, Herentals, BE
Mon 1 May '23 Letteren Lichting Festival, Leuven, BE - Winner of the audience award
Thu 20 Apr '23 Het Elfde Gebod, Tilburg, NL
Sat 8 Apr '23 Moby Dick, Antwerp, BE
Sat 25 Mar '23 Back To Base Fundraiser, Deurne
Sun 26 Mar '23 Cafe Rood-Wit, Antwerp
Wed 22 Mar '23 Cafee Cabron, Antwerp
Fri 3 March '23 LOC Brewery, Tilburg
Wed 25 Jan '23 Cafe Gorillaz, Antwerp
Sat 21 Jan '23 JC Ahoy, Wijnegem
Sun 15 Jan '23 Cafe Zeezicht, Antwerp
16 Dec '22 Night of the Arts, Tilburg
21 Nov '22 Club Telex, Ghent

New single


"Regret 's always too late and it sticks to you like chewing gum". The first line of the chorus of Dreams sums up the feeling of the protagonist whose dreams won't come true because of their own actions. For this single, The Owls and Orcas headed into the studio again with Hannes Cuyvers and Tom Leyman (Ramkot) at the controls.Over the past year, The Owls and Orcas have impressed on stages in Belgium and the Netherlands. And recently they were finalists in the Imagine Belgium competition and the Student Kick-off band clash. In June, we can expect their first EP.

Music Videos

Live Music Recording: Socks Session #1

Music video of "From Within Theodore"

About The Owls And Orcas

The Owls and Orcas are children of their time. They can't be pigeonholed into a single genre: from robust rock and groovy guitar pop to fragile ballads. And often, all in one song. Everything everywhere all at once. But always with a distinctive sound.Bas Mertens lays down a solid foundation with his unique drum grooves. Lode Fraussen channels his inner rock god. Wannes van Mol flirts with his bass between melody and rhythm while captivating you with his voice – high or low, it doesn't matter, but always catchy.The band's origins trace back to three friends from the Antwerp Kunsthumaniora. Their musical journey continues at the Conservatory and the Rock Academy in Tilburg and Ghent.Over the past year, The Owls and Orcas have taken the stage over twenty times in Belgium and the Netherlands. Their live performances prove that they are not only talented musicians but performers through and through. So, keep an eye on them!

Wannes van Mol

Lead singer, Bass, Guitar, Keys

Lode Fraussen

Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals

Bas Mertens

Drums, Keys, Backing Vocals